Drunk driving is sadly an all too common occurrence. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 29 percent of total motor vehicle crash fatalities were because of alcohol-impaired-driving crashes in 2017.

President Bill Clinton signed a bill in 2000 that gave a blood alcohol limit of .08. That means anyone over that limit can have their license suspended, be fined, jailed, etc. It is different in each state what the punishment may be.

For 2019 Utah decided that limit needed to be lower. That’s why right before New Years they changed the law. Now, that limit for blood alcohol concentration is .05

The average 140 lb women can reach a BAC of .05 after two drinks. For the 170 lb man that’s about three drinks. Those drinks would be taken within an hour for the BAC to get that high.

This new law is meant to help stop people from driving after drinking. It’s also meant to reduce accidents or fatalities. More people are likely to get arrested or charged now if caught with a BAC of .05.

This can help keep people from getting in their cars and driving. They might think they’re fine, but if they’ve drunk it’s better to stay put. Driving while drunk is harmful to everyone, not just yourself.

Some people seem to think that the law was made in the good heart, but won’t actually help. People who end up in bad situations and drunk driving tend to be those who are very drunk. Their BAC is usually way over the limit. This means they didn’t care before and wouldn’t care now.

Instead, it just lowers it drastically and can impede on local business. Now people might be too wary to go out for a drink. The ones who drank and drive recklessly before still will.