It happens all the time. You were sick and prescribed antibiotics. A few days later and you’re feeling fit as a fiddle. You’re out on the town and nursing a beer, and then you remember. Oh no, you’re not supposed to drink when on an antibiotic.

But then you think, oh that doesn’t matter. You’re fine. You already feel better anyway, and you keep on with your night.

That isn’t what you should do though, not by a long shot. Antibiotics can be heavily affected by any alcohol consumed. That is why it is super recommended that you abstain from alcohol while taking them.

This is for your own good.

Different antibiotics can have different reactions. Some may increase the side effects of alcohol like vomiting or nausea. They also can cause liver damage or severe issues. It’s important not to add alcohol into your system when on an antibiotic.

It is more than just antibiotics that you shouldn’t mix alcohol with though.  This is still the case with the average cold medicines you can buy over the counter. Even if they are just for the flu, or allergies they can still be dangerous.

Alcohol and allergy meds can cause severe drowsiness. It can slow down the brain and spinal cord function which can make things dangerous. It is especially not a good idea for driving to mix the two.

Mixing your over the counter painkillers is not a good idea either. Alcohol can increase the chances of the dangerous side effects of medicines. Like Tylenol or ibuprofen. It can cause liver damage or ulcers.

Antacids are also on this list. When mixed with alcohol it can actually affect your blood pressure. This is dangerous in many ways to make sure to stay away from alcohol if you take one.

It should go without saying but we’ll mention it just in case. Don’t drink alcohol if you’re taking prescription pain medication. Opioids and alcohol mixed can lead to fatality. Overdosing is increased, and so are many side effects. There can be slow breathing, strange behavior, or memory problems.

Pretty much all drugs for lowering high cholesterol can do damage to your liver. That means if you’re drinking alcohol you can increase issues. And cause stomach bleeding. Make sure to tell your doctor if you drink regularly.

It is important to realize that any drug you take, no matter how harmless it seems, can interact badly with alcohol. Be responsible and don’t mix the two of them.