Child Almost Drowns As Mother Uses Drugs In Daytona Beach

A woman and her husband were sitting peacefully in a hot tub with their twin boys in Daytona Beach recently. Hot tubs are a great way to chill out a bit after getting out a cold pool but before you head up to your hotel room.

This father went to gather their items while the mother and boys waited around. The mom was meant to be watching her sons, but soon it was apparent she was invested in something else. That something else was her apparent drug use.

You see, an attentive employee up at the front desk was watching all the cameras to the hotel and happened to spot an important moment that took place at the pool.

This woman was shocked and dismayed to see one of the three-year-old twin boys fall into the hot tub. She thought that surely a family member would notice, but there was no one else nearby. The other brother ran off, but no one paid any attention to him.

Thinking quickly, the front desk clerk called maintenance at the pool. Maintenance answered the phone then looked around in confusion. Realizing that a child was drowning directly in front of him, he kicked off his feet and jumped in, diving beneath the water to pull the kid back into the fresh air.

The father came running over as he realized what was happening and stood in fear as the maintenance worker and father performed chests compressions and CPR to help get the baby breathing.

The child ended up breathing on his own but had to be taken to Halifax Hospital before being transferred to Arnold Palmer Hospital in serious condition where he remains.

In the corner of the camera, you can see the mother start toward the scene of the incident. She cranes her neck and takes a look then turns around and hobbles over to a trashcan to toss something in it. She does this instead of going to her ailing child.

This shocked many, considering most mothers would fight tooth and nail to get to their kid who almost drowned. It was suspicious that she found throwing something out more important than rescuing her kid.

After reviewing footage police found a pill in the trash, and the mother admitted to not only being heavily intoxicated but to having had used drugs while watching the children. She admitted to not only using marijuana and alcohol, but also taking oxycodone and Suboxone drug.

She was charged with felony child neglect and destruction of evidence and was put in jail without the option of bail.

This story hit home with a lot of people because it just didn’t add up at first. Why would a mother leave her three-year-old children unattended and how did no one notice that one of the children was drowning?

Drugs are terribly addictive, and this is an excellent example of how they can become the most important thing in someone’s life. Even as her son was being resuscitated this woman decided hiding evidence of her drug use was more important. All because she didn’t want to get caught and needed to be able to keep using.

Yes, many people need drug addiction help. But in this case, punishment is also necessary because it put innocent children in harm’s way.